Problem with 'verify and repair' in DT 2.0.3?

I updated DevonThink Pro from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 two days ago (I downloaded the .dmg from the site), opened it, ran ‘verify and repair’ on the only database I use, as was recommended. DT said to have found more than 600 inconsistencies and repaired them all; ‘no more errors found’. I then added 15 documents or so and closed DevonThink.

The next morning I discovered that my database was corrupted. DT said something like ‘it looks as if your database is already open, continue or cancel?’. When I clicked ‘continue’ DT crashed, when I clicked ‘cancel’ DT opened without the database and when I then tried to open the database from within DT the continue/cancel cycle was repeated.

I restored my old database from my backup (15 documents gone). It opened without any problems. I then did a verify and repair (more than 600 inconsistencies repaired) and closed DT. When I tried to open DT my database seemed corrupted.

I then restored the old database again. Opened it, closed it. Opened it again, no problem. Added a few test documents. Closed it. Opened it, no problem. Did a 'very and repair" (more than 600 inconsistencies repaired), closed DT. Opened DT and yes, same problem.

So I restored my old database once more and it seems to work as long as I do not do a verify and repair. I keep my fingers crossed.

I ran into exactly the same problem yesterday. Went back to an old Time Machine backup and did not verify/repair. That’s been working fine for me, across several launches.

Over 8000 inconsistencies were found in the first run which led to the crash, see attached file.
Screen shot 2010-06-18 at 12.46.05.png