Problems adding mailboxes to DTPro Office

Hi guys. Sorry if this is answered elsewhere - I haven’t been able to find a solution on the forums. My question is this:

Is there a way to import mailboxes and submailboxes from to a specific Group in DTPro Office?

I’m using DT Pro Office 2.7.3 and 7.1. Also, please note that I have “Select Group” checked as my destination in my import preferences.

As far as I’m aware, I have three options:

  1. Use the command “Add to DEVONthink Pro Office” in the Mailbox menu of, but only one mailbox at a time, since this command can’t handle submailboxes.

NB: I’ve tried selecting multiple mailboxes and then using this command, with varying results. Usually, what happens is that the top-level mailbox imports, plus the messages contained in that mailbox, minus any submailboxes. But here’s a selection of the other mishaps I’ve experienced with this command:

(a) Tried to import a mailbox and one submailbox, found that the top-level mailbox only had imported, without any messages in it.

(b) Managed to import a mailbox and two submailboxes, but without any hierarchy, and with no messages in any of the mailboxes. NB: This always happens if you try to import the same set of mailboxes twice: on the second attempt, all mailboxes appear in DTPro Office but with nothing in them.

© Tried to import a mailbox and nine submailboxes, ended up with the top-level mailbox only, with the messages it contained, while simultaneously erased the other nine mailboxes, both locally and on the related Exchange server…

  1. Use the command File > Import > Email… within DTPro Office, having highlighted where I want to put the things I’m importing, but again limiting myself to one mailbox at a time, since this method can’t handle mailbox hierarchies either.

  2. Use the script “Add mailbox(es) to DEVONthink”, which will bring in mailboxes and submailboxes, but will leave me unable to select where those end up in the database.

Am I missing anything here? Your help much appreciated.