Problems archiving and "using" mails from Entourage 2004 in

Recently I had a lot of e-mail communication about some important projects (all of them still “open”).
I’m still using Microsoft Entourage 2004 for handling E-Mail, but with many project folders, navigation is too difficult and I want to find another way to archive and work with all the information.

For each project exists a folder in the Finder which contains documents about the project (PDF, LaTeX .tex and FreePlane mindmaps .mm).

Because of its searching and tagging capabilities, I thought about archiving my emails for those projects in my DevonThink Pro Office database, however there are some open questions left:

  • I tried to drag the Entourage mails to the project folder in Finder and then index it with DTProOffice.
    -> Problem: the creation date of the email file is not the send date, but the date when I dragged it

  • if I send the mails to DevonThink with the included AppleScript “Add Message(s) to DevonTHINK”, the creation date is OK, but they are all placed in the global Inbox.
    -> It would be more comfortable to directly chose a destination folder and add tags - is there a way to do that?
    -> furthermore, if the sender address is only an email address like (instead of “My Name”), the author field is empty.
    Is there a way to add the sender address to the author field, if no name is included?

It is absolutely essential that I’m able to reply to an email stored in my DevonThink database.
I tried the “send reply” context menu command, but:
-> A new message with the correct recipient opens in Entourage 2004, but the text content is a mess:

(the line breaks are even not displayed in Entourage, but everything is only one text block.


  1. Can the developers of DevonThink give me hints how to establish a flawless workflow and solve the problems mentioned above?

  2. Does anybody have a similar working workflow, so please tell me how you manage it!

  3. Do I have to switch to Apple Mail to make it work properly?

Kind regards