Problems archiving email

I started a thread, but ssome questions unanswered.
I am trying to archive emails.
I used tips from here. Two issues

  1. Archives in mailboxes don’t display
    On view import - the side bar shows my different mailboxes in mail, together with their subfolders.
    However, the mailbox of interest (a gmail mailbox), contains a gmail archive. That archive does not show in the side bar. Therefore, on import, the data base contains sent mail, inbox, and to read folder - but NOT the vast majority of emails, which are in the archive. HOw do I get the gmail archive to display and be imported?

  2. On importing emails, I got message
    Couldn’t write message file. Can’t continue import of file.
    on 1135 messages. Therefore, not useful archive even of just the sent email.
    Please help.

Meir Shinnar

Which email client do you use?

I normally use Spark, but my Apple mail is working and shows all the folders. When I did view import, Apple mail opened up.

Note Spark does not have professional grade inter-application communication and automation capabilities.

Did you install the plug-in for Apple Mail and enable it?

Yes. I quit Spark, and started Apple Mail. the archive shows up nicely in Apple Mail (I created it in Apple Mail many years ago - now using Spark primarily for easy Omnifocus integration, especially on IOS). I installed the plug in for Apple Mail, and I enabled it. I just rechecked in the preferences of apple mail and it is enabled.
I know Spark doesn’t integrate with DT. However, Apple Mail still shows me the same structure and email as Spark - so I thought DT should be able to integrate

Could you send screenshots of the mailbox structure in DEVONthink and in Apple Mail, maybe via PM? Thank you.

what is your email?

cgrunenberg - at -