Problems clipping from Apple News app

No doubt I’m doing something wrong, but I find I’m unable to successfully archive stories into DTTG (and then DTPO) from Apple News, unless I save them in full (uncluttered) web-archive mode (which I don’t want). The clutter-free and markdown options instead just give me a headline, the Apple News logo, and link to the story, as in the image below. I’d love some help in sorting this out … thanks!

It looks like the web archive has captured the redirect page rather than the the actual content page. We are currently looking into this.

Any conclusions drawn so far?

I have discovered too that in DTTG, clipping via Apple News is never successful (I am a subscriber to News+). On DTTG, the only way I have found to clip items is to basically do a copy and paste of the text.

Have you discussed with Apple? if so what did they advise?

Given DEVONthink ToGo clipping works with so many other apps I suspect Apple is doing something in their app to prevent just this?

Edit. try clipping to other apps to discern exactly what Apple News is providing as output. Maybe you can find a setting in Apple News or an intermediary app that does what you want.