Problems Deleting and Renaming Databases

I have two issues I would appreciate help with.

FIRST, I’m trying to completely delete a database both from DT (I am running DT Pro v.2.9.4) and from the Dropbox sync store used to sync it to other instances of DT and from DTTG.

When I use the delete command from within DT Pro, it deletes all references to the database and deletes the database from the Finder but even after I sync, the database remains available in the Dropbox sync store as a “remote” database. I would like to get rid of all such instances of the database, including from the sync store.

SECOND, I’d like to rename a database (including the database package file in the Finder). But when I use the Database Properties to rename the database, it only renames the reference to the database under “Open Databases” within DT but it does not rename the database package file in the Finder. In fact, even more frustratingly, when I close the renamed database, it shows up under “Recent Databases” with the old name.

Is there a way to have Devonthink rename the database, including in the Finder? If not, is it safe to just close the database and then just manually rename the database package file in Finder? I seem to remember having done the latter in the past but I am hesitant to do that again due to the fact that the database is now synced with other instances of DT through the Dropbox sync store.

Currently, DEVONthink does not change the name of the .dtBase2 file in the file system.

To rename a database, close it. Remove from Favorites and Recents. Rename it in Finder. Reopen it. Add to Favorites – this step is not required.

You need to Clean the database from the Dropbox location.
Right-click the database in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync and choose Clean Database.