Problems opening PDFS using open in form on iPad Pro

So my workflow has been to open articles in my dttg database in Acrobat because I prefer their annotation tools. Now it does not seem to work. When I hit the open in command from the share sheet nothing happens. Used to work fine before

I am not seeing any issues here. In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Also provide any more helpful information, screencaps, etc.

The way i do this, normally works:

When opening a PDF in DTTG, you can then use the “Share” button.

The “Share” button shows two rows:

In the first row, i can use “Copy to” for lots of Apps, incl. LiquidText, MarginNotes Pro, PDF Viewer and PDF Expert.
I tested them to be OK.

But this is not what we normaly need with DTTG, those Apps shall open the file from within DTTG, so that when i made changes, the changes are written back at the same place!

For this, as much as i understood, is this second row of the “Share” button.

Here, i can use “Open In …”

“Open In …” again shows two rows.

In the first, there is again only “Copy to” available.
And in the second row, i can only see “Import to PDF Viewer”, no other App.

This correctly opens my PDF folder in DTTG, i can annotate the PDF and back in DTTG, i can see the changes!


But then, there is only “Import to PDF Viewer” available, but i also need the others!

So, for them, i normaly did this:

Open the App itself, navigate to the File Provider “DEVONthink To Go”, open the file, annotate it, …

This works at least for PDF Expert Pro.

But is does not work for LiquidText - it seems to copy the PDF instead.
And in MarginNotes Pro, i cannot even open other File Providers.

There is no comment and no fix.
It seems to be hopeless.
You dont actually work on the iOS version.