Problems viewing Markdown

I’m lost at the most basic level of how to view a Markdown document in anything but the straight plaintext with code view as shown on the left in your screenshot. On my computer, I can’t see those three buttons at the top of the document pane, and the View / Document Display options are not selectable. I don’t appear to have any stylesheets installed by default, so I obtained my stylesheets from GitHub. (I mention that just in case it’s relevant.)
Any tips?

That is not a Markdown document. It is plain text. You can either…

  • Create an actual Markdown document (my suggested method)
  • Control-click the plain text file and choose Convert > To Markdown
  • Add .md to the end of the name. This will convert it to Markdown.
  • There is a hidden preference for treating all plain text documents as Markdown. However, it’s hidden for a reason as not all plain text files are necessarily going to be Markdown.
    Open Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences and click the On link for PlainTextIsMarkdown.

Oh, I see, that’s simple. I chose Option 3. Thanks very much for the quick response.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: