Problems with DEVONthink To Go? We need you!

In the recent one and a half months Jon, our new iOS developer, has worked himself through the code of DEVONthink To Go and fixed a number of nasty bugs making both the application and the sync more robust. In the coming months he will also replace the current sync code with a totally rewritten library (that e.g. will support MobileMe and Dropbox) as well as introduce new features such as file renaming, deleting, and moving on the device, better PDF support, and more.

We are now looking explicitly for users of DEVONthink To Go who have problems with either the app itself, the sync, or the feature set that keeps them from using it on a regular bases.

If you like the idea of DEVONthink To Go, you have severe problems, and you would like to assist us fix them and improve the app with your feedback, please email me to:


I love Devonthink Pro so when I got my IPad today the first app I purchased was DTTG. When I opened the app I could not see how to use all the features I expected an app at this price to have. I went looking for an on-line manual and was surprised to see very little. It was only when I went to the users forum that I realized to my great disappointment that DTTG’s feature set was so limited (no delete? Really?) and some of the features seemed pointless (why would I want a map showing where a document was created?). I fear you run the risk of seriously damaging your good reputation if you continue to sell DTTG In it’s present incarnation.