Problems with Dropbox sync

Hello, I’m using DTTG 2.1.2. I use Dropbox as my sync store back to my Macs.

There seems to be something wonky with sync, which may have been caused by a temporary Dropbox glitch. My iPad won’t completely sync with the sync store, and when I look at the Dropbox sync store directory, I now see two folders underneath - one with the name of the sync store that I’ve been using for months, and the folder named “(null)”. Both folders are populated.

Any idea what that’s all about? I’m concerned that somehow DT is using both sync stores, or something weird, and that’s why sync has become wonky. Any advice would be appreciated.


UPDATE: My iPad DTTG stopped syncing completely. I rebooted the app, rebooted the iPad, deleted the connection to the Dropbox sync store and reconnected. When that didn’t work, I deleted DTTG from my iPad and re downloaded it, and I am still unable to make a connection to the sync store. Everything else on my iPad seems to be working fine. Please help! Thanks.

Dropbox is currently having issues, I have been experiencing them since 6 AM (Eastern US Time). … 6429835264

You may want to wait and check back in a little while. (PS that link they tweeted also doesn’t work right now and they are aware of that as well)