problems with Edit mode


I don’t really understand the raison d’être of edit mode in DTG. Why is it necessary? It adds an extra step every time I wish to add to a note.

Perhaps most importantly, when I’m copying and pasting between apps, there’s a problem in that when I switch away from DTG in iOS to go to another app to copy, and then return to DTG, I find that DTG has left edit mode, and so I have to enter it (command-E) again.

Is that by design?

It is by majority User decision to have an Edit button versus touching the file to edit it. This is in part due to Markdown files that can have some level of interaction in the rendered view. Touching the file should interact, not Edit.

OK, but the app should remain in edit mode if I invoke the app switcher, switch to another app, and then return to DTG, shouldn’t it? Otherwise this unnecessarily encumbers copy and paste from other apps.

I suppose it could. It saves when you navigate away in case it crashed or the OS terminated it.

That’s a good precaution. You can’t save while in Edit mode?

We’ll have a look what we can do.


Just to add to this, the automatic switching in/out of edit mode would be a whole lot more tolerable to me if the edit point was preserved when switching in/out of edit mode.

For example, I often edit a markdown file in DTTG in split screen (with a PDF in another app on the other half of the screen). Sometimes the markdown file will leave edit mode (because the focus has shifted to the other app, or because I’ve left the pair of apps momentarily), and when I re-enter Edit mode (not a huge deal in itself), my edit cursor is not where I left off, which means I need to find the location I left off in a potentially lengthy Markdown file!

Just write shorter documents - sheesh! :mrgreen:

Couldn’t resist. :laughing:

I think that DTG could be made a lot friendlier for people who actually write; it currently seems more adapted for who use it to collect information.

HA! You’re actually more correct than you know. In the case of the workflow mentioned above, there is a very sensible way to divide up a long document into smaller ones… but alas, I’m torn on it. This might be the nudge I need to make the shift.

We’re getting a bit off topic here. As it is currently implemented, for some of us, edit mode is an obstacle to the flow of writing (and switching back and forth between apps is precisely the use case where this becomes an issue).

Just keeping things light in here.

We’re not finished with DTTG2 and moving on. We are always discussing enhancements and fixes for it.

While on the topic of the edit button retaining its status during multitasking, I would love to be able to edit HTML files as plain text (view the source) often I am simply updating the note or adding in more information.

Perhaps when the macOS style of editing HTML documents comes to the to go version a long press on the edit button to edit as plain text might be a way to go.

Version 2.1.3 auto-saves when you leave the app but no longer switches out of editing mode.

Thank you!