Problems with epub file

I have imported an epub file into DT3.3.

  • I cannot read the file. I assume this is expected behavior, right?

  • The Concordance works, please see Screenshot 1.

  • After clicking on one of the words in the list, the “Related Words” feature does not work as expected. The word “Pain” is related to words that do not appear in the epub file (but in the rest of the DB).

  • I cannot search within the epub file. Double-clicking on “Pain” does not return any occurences.

Thank you for looking into this.

You can navigate the default view via the Table of Contents inspector. Or switch to the alternate view which displays the eBook as one large document.

The related words are ones from the database, it’s not limited to the current document.

A screenshot might be useful.

Thanks so much for your reply, Christian! I am learning new aspects of DT3 almost every day :smiley:

View -> Document Display -> Text Alternative produces a readable version of the epub file.

Would it be possible to increase font size and decrease line width? The rendering in Apple’s Books is, at least for me, easier to read:

When I use the Concordance pane in DT3, I get this result (see first screenshot).
Am I correct, the word list on top only contains words in this single epub file?
But the related words in the lower part show relationships to words in other documents? This is, again at least for me, a bit counterintuitive. It would be helpful, if I could choose to switch between “this document only” and “the entire database” for the related words.

When I choose one of the words in the word list, let’s say “pain” and double-click, I get this view. The window says “No Occurrences”. I guess this is not expected behavior, when doing the exact same thing in my PDFs, it shows me the occurrences.

When I click in the search field and click “return”, the search is successful.

Unfortunately for me, DT3 does not only note “pain”, but also “painted” and “Spain”.
Is there a way to search for “pain” only?

Thank you for your patience and support.

Keep the Concordance inspector open and deselect the file.
Then select the group you’re in.
Then select the parent group of the group you’re in, etc.

You will see the word count change based on the selection.
(I am also clarifying this language in the documentation for Beta 4.)

Unfortunately for me, DT3 does not only note “pain”, but also “painted” and “Spain”.
Is there a way to search for “pain” only?

You could prefix with spaces, but that could miss some hits. Development would have to implement a word boundary option.

Right now DEVONthink 3 uses simply the original styling of the eBook, either as rich text (alternate view) or HTML (default view) rendered by macOS.

That’s correct.

The relationships are based on a database analysis, usually documents are much smaller and wouldn’t produce any useful results anyway.

Double-clicking performs a database search (see almost invisible results on the left side of the window), a single click should highlight the word.

In case of the default view this is a limitation of the used WebKit framework.