Problems with iCloud sync

My first Devonthink license dates back to 2003. Over these years I have not used it continually but from time to time have tried other applications such as Evernote, Apple Notes, OneNote (for Mac), etc. I tend, however, always to go back to DT. One of the things that had kept me in Evernote for the last year or so, however, was the ease of syncing between my iMac, iPhone, and iPad. I found DT syncing too complicated.

When DT just came out with iCloud syncing, I immediately upgraded my DTPO to 2.10 and got DT To Go for my iPhone and iPad.

I then migrated about 450 documents from EN to DTOP. They were all in my Global Inbox. I created three databases and then put each document into an appropriate group in an appropriate DB, which took quite a while, but I was pleased with the organization. I turned on iCloud syncing.

Here’s where the problems come in. The next day, 140 documents of the documents I had moved to the DBs and groups were again in my inbox. There’s also a copy of the item in the DB/Group where I had moved it to. I don’t understand why they’ve reappeared in my Inbox. I’m assuming I made some kind of error in setting up the syncing.

And now, DT shows 140 items in my desktop and iPad Inboxes and 220 items in my iPhone inbox. I don’t understand what is going on.

Additionally, I don’t see my DBs on the iPad and iPhone, only the global Inbox. I need to have the items in the DBs on my phone and tablet as well as on my desktop machine.

Does anyone know why this is happening (I assume operator error in setting up syncing) and what I need to do to fix these problems?


I have so and then same error, and is not specifically related to iCloud Sync (that I think is very buggy and I reverted back to WEBDAV, but that is another story).

Now, if you try to move those “duplicated” files to other folders in the same DB you move them previously, you will have a “Duplicate UUID” error. The only solution I’ve found for that is to, first, verify I have the good (and moved) documents were I put them, and second, remove those in the Inbox. BTW, I never lost any information when happened that error to me.

Other trick I have is have a “master copy” and if there is some conflict, is my “master” who is “right”. In my case is my MacBook Pro. Normally I add all documents from it, and if I capture something in my iThinks, I only capture the link and then process in my MacBook Pro.

Said that, even with those glitches, I found DT waaaaaaay better than any other solution.

@martin: We haven’t been able to reproduce such behavior. Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks

Thanks, Jim. I’ll do it right away.


SInce 2.10 / 2.6.1 I have comparable problems.
I moved entries from my Global inbox to my different databases. After a while it could be that these inbox entries are re-appearing. If I try to move them again I got this “uuid is already in db” error.
I could verify that these files are really in the suitable db.

What can be the reason for this reappearing of (moved) entries in the Inbox?

THe problem difficult to reproduce because sometimes it works as expected, but since 2.10 the problems occurs frequently.

My Global inbox is synced by dropbox, the db’s are on iCloud, dropbox and box. But the problem can occur with each db and is independent (I think) from the cloud service.

See Inbox "growing" back

Thank you for the link. I will answering in the referenced thread.

I’ve got the same problem, I can only see the global inbox on my iphone and not my other databases. I’ve tried for hours to sync devonthink to go with my macbook. No success. I am about to delete the whole lot

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Can you send a link to a good tutorial on how to set up the iCloud sync?