Problems with icons


I’ve been having a problem with changing icons on DTP. I follow the steps indicated in your “Tuesday Tip: Custom Icons in DEVONthink” and that works for three icon replacements. Then, when I try to do more, the icon place on Show Info gets empty and the only icons it will accept are the ones that I copy>paste from inside the database. (Meaning: no outside – Get Info in Finder – icon is accepted.)

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? :frowning:

– MJ

Not sure if this is an issue of Cocoa (ignoring the icon on the clipboard) or of the Finder (copying an empty PICT to the clipboard) but the next release will fix this.

Thanks for the reply.

And, btw, I’m really, really looking forward to the next upgrade. :slight_smile:

– MJ

Custom icons do not paste from Finder for DTPO. Does not appear to be a problem with the Finder copying empty PICT as icons paste from clipboard to other apps./files within Finder. Maybe Cocoa then?

Look forward to a future fix. In a complex database it would really help quick navigation!

I have had luck pasting PNG and TIFF files to custom icons, but I have not had luck with .icns files. So it seems “standard” icons are not working in DT Pro, even as of the 1.3 beta release.

Still… custom TIFF files work well. I’ve been going into the application packages, and copying the TIFF or PNG files that are located within… there are lots of good ones in there :wink: