Problems with Markdown

Creating a markdon note with Data->New->Markdown text and enter som sentences.
If I export this note with File-Export-Document to my desktop and open it with MarkdownLife I get a warning pane with “The document “Testar - dok.markdown” could not be opened. Text encoding Unicode (UTF-8) isn’t applicable. The file may have been saved using a different text encoding, or it may not be a text file”
If I export the same note with File->Export->Files and Folders to the Desktop MarkdownLife can read the file perfectly.

Check with the developer of MarkdownLife – although they have no support links active on their web site. Send them a sample.

Otherwise, over here File > Export > Document of a file made from Data > New > Markdown Text creates a .markdown file that opens without problems and is recognized as Markdown in Byword, Sublime Text, MultiMarkdown Composer, Ulysses III, Marked, and a number of other Markdown-aware editors and utilities. I don’t think there’s a file problem.

Thanks, Korm
Using my SuperDuper! backup and restarting 10.8.5 and DTPO 2.7 there is no difference in the behavior of the markdown files, they both display correctly with MarkdownLife.
There always seems to be oddities with DTPO when not using english in the setup languages. Could, of course, also be something in the Mavericks system.

An update
This is for sure problem with Swedish characters “åäöÅÄÖ”. Including one (or several) of these and the above result is obtained. If the text is void of these umlaut characters, text is opened fine in MarkdownLife.

Tested and confirmed the following. A plain text document exported using File > Export > Document that has “special characters” (such as ã, ë, and so on) has the following text encoding:

text/plain; charset=unknown-8bit

It does not matter if the document was created using New > Plain Text or New > Markdown Text – it doesn’t matter if the language setting is English, Swedish, or anything else.

The same document exported using File > Export > Files and Folders has this text encoding

text/plain; charset=utf-8

Some text editors are forgiving of the difference, others are not. Until (or if) this is adjusted in DEVONthink, it’s advisable to export plain text files that have “special characters” with Files and Folders, or to export the file, open it as plain text in TextEdit, and then save it under a different name with the setting Plain Text Encoding: Unicode (UTF-8)

I’m on version 2.9.7 of DTP. When I enter Data>New>Markdown Text, I can’t enter any text at all.

Data>New>Plain Text works just fine, so I could use that, except I believe its suffix will be .txt

Did I miss something?

You are likely looking at the rendered view, not the editable view. Choose View > Text Alternative.

Also, there is a hidden preference to set whether you want Markdown to show as rendered or editable, by default.

x-devonthink://preference?key=RenderMarkdown&value=no will switch to the editable view as a default. I would click the link and restart DEVONthink.