Problems with preserving links in pdfs with print to PDF

Not with all pdfs, but I’m having a problem with some. From the print dialog box, if I try to Save to DTPO or Save as PDF, the html links are not preserved. If I just save as a PDF, not using the print command, the links are fine. Is it just me, the PDFs in question, or a Leopard issue?

Here’s a link to one I’m having trouble with:

Thanks for your help

Karen, I can confirm that the Print script Save to DEVONthink Pro doesn’t capture the hyperlink for the page you cited.

But I’ve captured a number of other page with lots to hyperlinks that are captured by the script as PDF with all working hyperlinks.

Will refer this one to Christian.

That’s an issue of Mac OS X, e.g. use the print dialog to save this as a PDF document and the link will disappear too. Obviously Mac OS X doesn’t use the original PDF document.

I played with this some more and it appears to be an issue with Mac OSX with print to PDF when the PDF is displayed in Safari. I was able to reproduce this from another unrelated site. I suppose the expected behavior is to open the PDF in Preview and save from there (which preserves the links). I’m sending Apple a bug report.

Thanks for your help.