Problems with Scanning & automatic OCR


Long time reader, first time poster.
I had a setup where I could scan documents with my ScanSnap iX500 into a folder called “Inbox” (/Users/“username”/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox) from where DevonThink Pro Office would pick up the document and automatically OCRed it.

Since update to MacOS Sierra, latest update of ScanSnap software (I was waiting for the pdf fix upon your warning) and DevonThink Pro Office 2.9.7, this does not work anymore. When I start scanning, DTPO launches and the I get the following messages:

  1. Document at path /Users/“username”/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox/2016-11-20-13-18-09.pdf” does not exist!

  2. Can’t import PDF document at location: Inbox (You can try to inspect the document in the Finder and try to import it from there.)

after which the document is imported into DTPO, but kind is “pdf” (small letters) and an OCR cannot be performed. Only after dragging the file onto the desktop and into DTPO again, kind changes into “PDF” and OCR can be (manually) be performed.

How can I get back into the flawless scan, hand over to DTPO and OCR the PDF?



The Inbox folder in the Finder is fictituous – it doesn’t really exist. Files sent there are flushed to your DEVONthink Global Inbox. You’ve told DEVONthink where to look for scanner files, but they are not there. The Inbox location has always been a bad choice for scanner files.

In ScanSnap Manager Settings - Save tab, the default location to which scanner output files are saved is your Pictures folder, and that has always worked well (and I have always recommended it).

To prevent the accumulation of original scanner files in Pictures or other designated location, in DTPO Preferences > OCR choose the option to delete the original file after text recognition.