Problems with sync between DTTG and DTP

Hi, I thought I had a bug in testing DTTG but on digging it may be an issue with different sync stores… see attached screenshots.

(note using DT3 version 3.5.2 and DTTG version 2.8 (16448)

I sync databases to my iOS devices, iPad Pro and iPhone.

The only real database I add stuff to on both is the one called iPad-iPhone. I began to notice things weren’t syncing… so did a few test text file adds and it confirmed no longer syncing…

Then I did a bit of digging - the iPhone seems to sync to a store called DTP-Drobox-sync.dtCloud, and my iMac seems to sync to DTP-Dropbox-sync.
Don’t know how I did that but it seems ive created two different sync stores…
is there any way I can re-sync these databases? Or do I need to export the iOS one, delete it and then re-import either in the Mac or on the phone?



According to these screenshots you seem to use the same sync store DTP-Dropbox-sync on both devices:

The Mac just doesn’t show the extension dtCloud, that’s all.

Ah, that’s a relief!
thanks for quick reply and clarification
now I’ll do a bit of digging to see why its not synching…

OK, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it seems my databases are all synching to the sync store but none of them seem to update the others…
See screenshots below, all from the Inbox/iPad-iPhone sub inbox

1-from DT3

2-from iPhone

3-from iPad

any suggestions as to how I can resolve this?

Is this definitely always the same inbox? Were any issues shown/logged on any computer/device?

Hi Christian,

the problem exists in the iPhone-iPad inbox (which is shown as a subset of the master inbox) but also in other databases.

for example, I have added test text files in the root of iPhone-iPad and also in a database I have for serial nos / software licences and also in a new database I created on Mac for photography…
also in iPhone-iPad database my iPad shows 49 orphaned files which are not orphaned in my macOS database.

I have noticed some strange behaviour on the iPad (running test flight betas on both iOS devices) where, on my iPad Pro, the splash screen can take minutes to get past the DT logo!

And I occasionally get error messages when I force a resynch but when I try it now I can’t replicate the error to get a message. Will try again and post if if it appears.

all a bit strange.

best regards,


Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

will do!

sent bug report - do I need to do the same from my iPhone and/or iPad?

I’ll let you know if I need it when I get to your ticket.