Procedure to migrate to a new Mac

I could not find neither in help nor in the forum a detailed procedure for smoothly migrating DevonThink to a new computer.
thank you

There are numerous threads and a blog post on that topic.


thank you

Let’s seperate the issues. You not finding something is not something I can really help with. @blanc has given a link which may help.

I point you to page 8 of the outstanding 'DEVONthink Manual" that it explains DEVONthink databases are “Packages”. My suggestion is you move the entire package from the old to new computer. A good way is Mac “airdrop”, USB stick/disk, or network share. Moving indexed files are more tricky since in DEVONthink they are pointers to the files residing elsewhere. As long as the pointers are EXACTLY the same on the new computer, then using same file transfer method to move them into the same exact position in the new file system, then you can expect the pointers from DEVONthink to work. Otherwise, not. And remember there is the Apple-provided “Migration Assistant”. Apple provides help at Move your content to a new Mac – Apple Support (UK).

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thank you. Excellent explanation