Process for re-setting up my DTTG database

Currently I have Devonthink Pro Office on my Mac and DTTG on both my iPhone and iPad. I have a fairly small subset of docs in my Mobile Sync folder, which has been working fine. I’m considering just syncing my entire db to my iPhone and iPad for ease of use and less confusion about what is synced and what isn’t. I have plenty of free space on both devices, and my db is only about 1GB. Here is how I am planning to go about this. Please let me know if you think this makes sense if you have a suggestion for a better process.

  1. Delete the DTTG app on both iPhone and iPad. This should delete all of the synced data as well and allow me to start fresh.

  2. Delete all of the replicated folders and docs in my Mobile Sync folder in Devonthink on the Mac.

  3. Replicate all my top level folders (and therefore all of the documents) into the Mobile Sync folder in Devonthink on the Mac.

  4. Reinstall DTTG on both iPhone and iPad and sync each device.

Does this process make sense, and is DTTG capable of syncing 1GB of data without crapping out?


If I were doing this I would backup the database(s), then remove the folders from the Mobile Sync group. Sync. Remove the databases from the devices. Delete the app. Hard reboot the devices. Then proceed with step 3.

If you have any kind of flakiness with your local wireless network, any kind of dropouts, you could have problems. You might want to consider making your first sync by creating a wireless network on your desktop/laptop, connecting your iOS devices to that, and then syncing. Make sure the desktop/laptop and the iOS device do not go to sleep during the process.

This is all belts-and-suspenders-and-platform-shoes – but worth the precautions. There are reports in the forum of flakey large databases, and with iOS some features of DTTG seem to be broken. Search recent posts.

Absolutely. I had to go further: I had several syncs hang because I picked up the iPad during the sync and the iPad rotated the display from portrait to landscape. These days, I try to remember to put the iPad in rotate-lock before making longer syncs.