Product info, use cases, demos

I am interested to learn more about this product, but there is very limited info available, The YouTube videos are 8/9 years old? Is it still a current product?

Yes DEVONsphere Express is still actively developed.
Tap its action button (gear icon) and check out the built-in Help.

Thank. Anywhere I can get any more info on the current version?

Do you mean what version you’re running?
If so: Action button > About DEVONsphere Express.

I’m looking for MORE information than available in the help documents. Any support provided by you seems to point directly to the help documentation in a manner that implies the help documentation is more than sufficient.
I’ve read the documentation and honestly I do not understand what the point of DEVONsphere is. I’m sure the user is asking the same question. Is there MORE info ANYWHERE regarding how to actually use DEVONsphere in a manner that makes it worth learning to use? In my opinion the help documents do not provide sufficient support. To then come to the help forums and see almost every single question is shut down in a manner that can only be construed as condescending; not only for sphere but I’ve noticed it significantly throughout the DT3 and DTTG forums too.

The applications you provide ARE NOT self explanatory. The online descriptions gloss over the programs and present them in a way that suggests they are a kind of Gods Gift Artificial Intelligence software which may aswell have been brought back in time from the future and all versions will integrate and communicate so smoothly in a manner never seen before, the almighty DEVON software; the Swiss-army knife to solve all any AND all scenarios one could possibly encounter when using their MAC.

And then you install it and realise that it doesn’t even make sense - even after the help docs and the forums. And then you’re made to feel like an idiot because the help docs are dreadful, and not vice versa. There should at the least be a disclaimer that the learning curve is STEEP. Like, 6 months to a year at the least and that’s if you’re TRYING.

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