Program in DT Search

I’m having a weird problem with searching by file name in DTPro. I know for a fact that a certain file has 4 replicates in different folders around my database. I can locate them by hand. But when I do a search of the entire database by file name, only one copy shows up. This seems to have just started today when I did a big upload of about 10 articles and put them all in the same folder along with replicates in various other folders throughout the database. Searching just turns up entries for that one folder.

Any reason why this would be happening? The only change I can think of is that I turned on spotlight indexing yesterday .

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A replicate is like an alias to a file, therefore there is only one original. If you’d created duplicates, then you should find more.

Really? Up till I updated to the current version, the search function had been finding multiple copies of replicates. Is this a new behavior? Any way to work around this? I’d prefer to avoid using duplicates, because my database is already large as it is, and using duplicates would really beef up its size.

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It’s still the same behaviour. Searching has always returned only one replicant.