Program wont start (!)

Just bought the DEVONsphere Express. Copied the .zip-file til my Programs Folder. Doubleclicked on it. The DEVONsphere Express icon appeared, and when I doubleclick on it NOTHING happens.

I use OSX 10.7 (LION))

Have I just wasted the 6.99 ?

Thanks for answering - someone.

:slight_smile: Halvor - from Norway

There should be a leaf icon in the menubar at the top of your screen.

Thanks for the response, BLUEFFROG.

The respose really confused me. (But I am a novice). There are lots of descriptions of others having problems, and I dont know how that can help me.

The program might be doing something. I checked my activitymonitor, and 2 processes ‘DEVONsphere Express’ and ‘devongetd’ are running. Still no interaction with me.

Is there any other information that might help to solve the problem?

DEVONsphere Express runs as a menubar application-not as a regular application such as Safari. Look for leaf icon in the menubar and click on the icon to activate the app.

THAT explains it.

Maybe I should blush and fall down a bottomless pit now ?

Thank you.

:slight_smile: Halvor


Apologies - I thought you ment there were responses to similar questions.

:slight_smile: Halvor

No offense taken. Sorry if my reply was short - I was offsite and tossed out a quick response. Thanks Greg for the clarity in responding.