Progress bar when importing documents?

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, a quick search didn’t give me any results.

However, I’ve a question / remark / suggestion.

I download quite a lot of PDF’s, ranging from academic textbooks to simple articles and some literature. Most of the time, I use the Sorter to push them to DevonThink, and sometimes I just drag 'em to the DevonThink Inbox-window.
However, on many occasions, DT hangs for quite a while while “importing” the files, and I’m never quite sure if the program is still importing, or if it really crashed.

Therefore I’d like to suggest adding some kind of progress bar while importing individual files via drag & drop, or via the sorter. Then it’d be much clearer to me to see whether or not DT is giving up on me.

There’s already a progress indicator but it’s invisible if DEVONthink is not the active application.