Progress indicator disappears

Usually when I’m doing long-ish operations, most notably OCRing and syncing, a progress indicator automatically opens at the bottom of the leftmost column (where favorites, globals, etc. are listed) to show the progress of the operation. This is not the activity window. However, at random times the progress indicator no longer appears, and the only way to get it working again is by restarting DT3. Is there some other way to restore the progress indicator without having to restart the application? This is with DT3 Pro 3.9.6, running on MacOS 13.6.6 (I can’t run Sonoma on this Mac). Thanks!

Is the Activity window also open somewhere?

No. I only use the popup progress indicator.

Closing and reopening the window should probably be also sufficient. Do you remember what kind of documents you viewed? E.g. videos or third-party file formats requiring Quick Look?

The next time it happens, I’ll try closing and reopening the window and let you know if that worked. I mostly view PDF documents, with the occasional Excel or Word (I guess that would count as third party), but never videos. I’ll also try to see if I can correlate quick view with occurrences. Thanks!!!

Christian, you were correct on both counts. I opened DT3 and performed an OCR, and got the progress indicator. I then viewed an Excel file and then went back to a PDF and re-ran an OCR, and there was no progress indicator. I closed and re-opened the window and ran another OCR, and the progress indicator was restored. Thanks! So now I have a workaround without restarting DT3, and you have a bug to fix! :slight_smile:

Good eye, Andrew!
@cgrunenberg: I have confirmed that exact behavior here on Ventura.

The next release should fix this.

Thanks! Looking forward to it!