Project records of events ALA Covey DRE [daily record of events]

looking for some feedback and thoughts on this.
I manage 20-25 projects consistently. All their data and material is in one database but different groups. One project in one group.
I have a general DRE file each day for noting important items from calls, meetings, emails, ideas on things to do, etc. wide ranging topics. it may have info about several projects, no project , and info not related to any project.
This works fine as a chronological record by day.
BUT. For each project I need a way to track important pieces of information over a timeline. I dont want to search through multiple DRE files to find and analyze pieces of project data.
SO What I set up to try are PRE’s or Project Record of Events.
For each project where I want to do this, I create an rftd file labeled PRE Project Name.
Then I get critical information from a conversation, meeting etc, and I make a short note [with date] in the relevant PRE file. If I it think it would be useful later to have , I also add a link to the relevant files in Devonthink with the actual email, meeting notes, etc.
gradually I build up a file that has, hopefully, a lot of relevant information about how and projects evolved, why they evolved the way they did, what was important, etc.
This enables me to quickly look at a PRE file to refresh memory or see what someone said or even why we did something a particular way in a project.

I am looking for ways to refine this approach or a better way to do it. it works ok but I am always looking for better ways to do things, ie. continuous improvement.