Project template doesn't work anymore

I have been using the template irregularly for a few years. Today I noticed that the address book access no longer works.

I have already found older posts, unfortunately without solving the problem for me.

Under System Settings - Privacy & Security → Contacts DT3 is displayed and activated.

I have also opened the main.scpt and saved it.

Any other suggestions.

(DT 3.8.6 on macOS 13.0.1)

This is a known issue of the AppleScript support of on Ventura, it’s not limited to DEVONthink 3. Unfortunately there’s no workaround so far.

I’m not really skilled in AppleScript, maybe someone can remove the whole address book part?

Quickly removed the address book part myself. Thanks @cgrunenberg


Could you please tell me how to do this? (6,8 KB)
This is my “cleaned” main.scpt - Just fill the variables in the header and you don’t need the address book. Keep in mind “Provided as is - no warranty” :wink:

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The next release will work around this issue so that at least the basic functionality of this template will still work (until Apple is going to fix this).

I’m not sure if address book access is helpful. It’s only used with my own card in the “About this project.rtfd” document. I know my email address and phone number. The idea to select a different contact (contact of customer, project manager etc.) from address book is much better in my opinion. Using my own contact card is useless and not necessary anymore for me.

not necessary anymore for me

Emphasis mine :wink:

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