Proper workflow question

I have a PDF that is in the Global Inbox (via Preview PDF menu), when I click on that, the current DB closes. I want to move it from the global inbox to the folder I was working in without having to drag it that DBs inbox, then drag/move it to the proper folder. Any shortcuts to going from getting content out of the Global inbox to the current selected folder in a DB?


A future release will provide a ‘Move To’ procedure that will not require manual deletion of the moved content in the Global Inbox.

Currently you can use the Groups panel to copy content from the Global Inbox to any location in an open database. See Tools> Show Groups.

That will be a work around for now then. Thanks for the reply.

I am having a similar conundrum. If I drag a PDF from the Global inbox into a folder/group within an open database, the item still appears in the Global inbox. Is this intended? Is there a way to avoid having duplicates and actually being able to process and purge my inbox->>Zero?

Like Bill mentioned, that’s not available now. I’ve moved them to my Inbox of the intended DB and then manually deleted them from the global Inbox then empty the trash in DTPO.