Proposal for DT script repository

I think this has come up several times before but I’m willing to risk the flame to suggest it again.

There are a lot of really excellent and educational scripts tucked away in this forum. The problem is, if you do not know the specific topic you will probably miss most of the good stuff.

Unless I am missing something, DT does not provide a general script repository.

I am proposing that DT either host a script repository available to all forum members or they sponsor a GitHub (or similar) repository.

I’m not suggesting that the scripting forum be duplicated. I’m suggesting a repository that is primarily for code and has version control. I would only want to see the most succinct description and title, otherwise just code.

Christian alone has doubled the number of usable features in DTPO through his scripts. Many other users have helped to provide refined features that make DTP a one of a kind application. I would love to see DT show how committed they are to extensibility by sponsoring a repository.

I second this suggestion.

I’m also for it.

+1 Excellent suggestion!! Worth repeating :wink:

Would like to see as part of that a DT scripting best practices dialog - tips to get the most out of DT scripting.

(And would also like to see a repository of the ‘best of DT suggestions’ – another repository that has been requested frequently)

I’m (still) highly in favor of off-forum repositories for scripts, tips, and other information that too easily remains buried here and doesn’t serve any forum non-participants.

Well, I had hoped for DT staff to get involved with this discussion, but in the absence of their sponsorship, I’d like to see if people are still interested. From the feedback it looks like a couple experienced DEVONthink users are interested as well as an anxious new comer.

I’d like to suggest 3 options for a public Devonthink repository.


GitHub (and gist.github) is the most feature complete. Version control, shallow or deep learning curb based on needed features, and a web interface. Well regarded by many developers.

Snipt is very slick and easy to use. It has a minimal feature set but straight forward and easy to adopt for beginners. No real version control.

Snipplr is similar to Snipt. More junk code and lots more ads. No version control either.

It would be better if DT owned this and kept control over the repository. There would be no curation or quality control unless DT maintained it.

I’m willing to get the ball rolling if anyone else is interested. I’ll set up a poll for picking a solution and see what kind of responses we get.


Great initiative. I would certainly make use of a repository of scripts.

K o’N: thanks for taking the initiative. A poll would be great. I suggest that the script repository use the volunteer-moderator model to ensure some modicum of quality control.

I’m still looking for free options that allow moderators. Let me know if you have a suggestion. I don’t really want to host it on my own domain since I would like it to be open-source.

I am liking BitBucket

It has some nice features, including wiki’s for the repositories.

I Syntax highlighting is pretty important, so I don’t want just another forum with text.

All suggestions are welcome.

Actually there are plans to simplify the usage (including downloading & installing) of additional scripts (and other add-ons). Without having to use the forum or website :wink:

That’s great Christian. Would that include user generated scripts? Have you considered “eating your own dog food” and running a DTPO2 server with all of the code snippets from the bbphp site?

I think user generated scripts are pretty valuable too but nearly impossible to find on the forum.

Thanks for chiming in. Glad to hear that DT is updating the script management in DTPO.

Probably. At least those scripts that are generic (not requiring a certain setup) and stable (including error handling).

There are also plans for this shortcoming.