Proton Drive: Is it possible to synchronize DEVONthink with Proton Drive?

I would like to switch from Dropbox to Proton Drive. But only if I can synchronize Devonthink via ProtonDrive. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything about this on the DEVONthink site. My question now: Is it possible to synchronize DEVONthink with Proton Drive?


I don’t have a direct answer for you, but, I can tell you that I use the “LocalSyncStore” option to make a copy of my databases to a similar Zero-Knowledge file storage solution. Mostly I do this for backup/redundancy reasons, but, it also works between Macs running DT.

In other words, I have a Sync set up within my DT so that various databases go to a directory on one of my hard drives - that same directory is monitored by my preferred solution for zero knowledge offsite storage, so any changes to my databases end up being backed up.

Note: I do not rely upon this for Mac to Mac database syncing, it’s really just one of my “offsite backups” for important data. All databases are also encrypted on the Mac end, of course.

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And you have a proper primary local backup, I hope? Especially as sync is not a backup.

No, there is no specific support for Proton Drive. It also does not support WebDAV and the developers appear to have said it won’t be offered due to their proprietary tech.

Also, a local sync store may be used by Macs but not by DEVONthink To Go.

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PS: Why do you want to switch anyways?

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For safety reasons. See We took a dive into the Dropbox privacy policy — it’s not good

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and why do you not use encryption of your DT cloud sync?

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Of course I do, but I also use Dropbox with other applications or to store files that I don’t manage with DEVONthink.

  • Is the total size of your syncing databases less than the 2GB free limit for Dropbox?
    • If so, you could use the free tier of Dropbox and safely sync via a known and generally reliable sync method. It also provides syncing with DEVONthink To Go, if that is needed as well.

The size of the databases to be synchronized is much larger than 2 GB. However, since the synchronization of DEVONthink with Proton Drive is not possible, I will refrain from switching for the time being. Instead, I will encrypt the files that I don’t sync via DEVONthink, but save separately to Dropbox, with Cryptomater.

An excellent point - and yes, I do. Time Machine, CCC, a few things to keep important databases backed up historically.

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or you could get yourself a NAS device there you sync on your own network. At least there are no policies then.


I also stopped using Dropbox for a while, but after all found it the most reliable sync solution between DT and DTTG. Apple’s iCloud is nice but unreliable, and you have less to no control on synchronization process or history.

That’s why I moved back to Dropbox for standard synchronization of my ‘open’ databases; couple of projects and my main inbox. The rest of the databases are on macOS only, also synced to Dropbox. As far as I know this sync is encrypted.

Every month I running an incremental backup job to a some locally encrypted ‘cold storage’ databases. Those encrypted databases are closed and as-is backup’d to a cloud storage (so not synced).

The rest of the databases are on macOS only, also synced to Dropbox.

Can you clarify what you mean by this?

That I have several other databases that are on only on my desktop (and local NAS) only. So I do not sync them all via Dropbox and to DTTG. This also keeps DTTG to perform better, because to many synced databases makes it sluggish. Files that should go to the local databases on my desktop are filed there from the main inbox when I’m at the office / home.