Provide a list column for UUID?

This should be easy to include…

I would very much like to be able to view the record ID as a column in list views.

Use case: I am trying to “future-proof” my knowledge base. With that column, I could associate record IDs with file paths.


I’m interested in “future-proofing”
How does UUID as a column help?

My solution is to store the UUID in the file comments
I also have the former Evernote UUID’s stored in the record contents

Associate with what file paths?

Sorry, I should have been more clear.

All of my databases are now indexed, which solved some workflow issues but also broke all my UUID-based links. I can link with relative file paths…mostly. But the native links were certainly easier.

I’d like to be able to map the UUIDs to the files…either using file paths or perhaps updating Finder contents to include the DEVONthink IDs.

I can link with relative file paths…mostly. But the native links were certainly easier.

If you’ve settled into your current scenario, perhaps. But if you think you’ll be deleting or reimporting/reindexing files in the future, item links may not be the best idea.

  • Are you indexing in one, some, or all databases?
  • How much data are we talking about?

Thanks for your consideration here, @BLUEFROG . I like this approach because I use a lot of external editors. And again, future-proofing (though I have no desire to leave DEVONthink at this time! But am thinking of the burn when I tranfered from Evernote and all links were gone)

All of my databases are indexed now, which seems to be working pretty well for me.

My five databases are just over 4.5 Gb, but you’re probably asking about the number of files, right? 10772

You’re welcome.

Indexing isn’t required in order to use external editors and that has never been the case.

Yes, the total number of files was what I was looking for. I’m thinking about something… I’ll come back if it pans out.

Thank you Jim.

And yes, I was using external editors with “native” DEVONthink databases before the shift. This just allows me the ability to work with the files outside of DEVONthink, but enjoy them within. Best of both worlds!

(Before you say it, yes I reviewed the caveats from the manual…seems to be working great though.)

(Before you say it, yes I reviewed the caveats from the manual…seems to be working great though.)

I’m glad to hear you read it. As I wrote and say often, indexing is something that should be approached thoughtfully.

Are you using the Finder Comments for anything else?

I don’t currently use them for anything. But I figure if I use UUID links and they break for some reason (again, trying to future-proof) this would allow me to locate the targeted file. Thanks for your consideration!

Technically speaking, it sounds like this smart rule would accomplish what you want…

When a file is indexed, it should write the UUID to the Finder Comment.
Also note the Finder Comment is replaced in this smart rule, hence my question whether you’re using them or not.

Note: I have restricted this to items Added This Hour to avoid mass processing and re-processing files. You can still drag and drop items to the smart rule to apply its actions to them.

That is both helpful and terrific. Thanks very much for this, I never event considered a smart rule.

sigh it seems I have one more problem Jim. As you can see from my picture, “Item Link” does not appear to be a recognized token. Removing “Finder Comment” didn’t help. Application help didn’t include this level of detail.

I know you have nothing but time and knowledge…

You’rw welcome.

I know you have nothing but time

Where is it? :thinking:

You don’t type the value.
Control-click and choose Insert Placeholder > Item Link.

Ding Ding! And we have a solution. Quite excellent, thanks again Jim.

You’re very welcome.
And it’s a nice, simple approach requiring no scripting skills, just some basic logic! This was one of the things we felt were important in the smart rule implementation. :slight_smile: