Prowritingaid Everywhere integration?

Now that Prowritingaid Everywhere for Mac has been released, is there any possibility of it working in DT in the future?
I actually love doing my writing in DT.

That seems to be an English-only tool. Not much use for people working in other languages, I think. There’s, for example, Language Tool that works with several languages (and doesn’t interfere with my writing style as Prowritingaid seems to do).

I guess if you only have 500 words to write in a day, it’s free.

And no such plans at this time.

Okay thanks. I have a lifetime license and use it frequently.

You’re welcome!

PS: Sorry for the mini-rant! It just galls me how companies do that nowadays. Call it affordable but don’t call it free. And sure the download is free but that’s not what people will think as what’s the point of a free but unused download?? And unless someone is a toddler, exceeding 500 words in a day is a given.… sigh.


I can’t argue that at all, but I dearly adore PWA. It ranks right up there with DT as one of my live or die apps :slight_smile: