"Public Beta has expired..."

For the last week or so, I have been unable to open my licensed copy of DT 2 (the latest Mac beta on the download page). When I try, I get this error message:

Our public beta releases usually run for four to eight weeks and must then be replaced by either a new public beta or the final release. While this usually happens automatically through the Check for Updates mechanism, you may have missed to install the update before the expiry date.

Please visit our web site and download a new public beta or the final release from our Download page.[/size]

When I go to the download page and download a new beta (and delete all of the DevonThink plist files in my Preferences folder), I can open the newly installed DT one time. But after I quit and try to open it again, I get the same frustrating error message.

I contacted DT support last week, but their response was less than helpful:

[size=85]During the public beta period new features are introduced incrementally, and user feedback on previous releases is often incorporated.

The expiration date of each beta release is documented.

If you set Preferences > Update to check daily for an update, you will be notified when an update appears and asked if you wish to install it. If you confirm that, the application will automatically download and install the update for you.[/size]

Gee, thanks for the form letter that has nothing to do with the problem I described. (I have been updating the beta whenever a new one has appeared on the download page; and I am working with a licensed–read: paid for–copy of the program.

Maybe this issue only affects Mac users, but I hope that DT’s support people are paying attention. This is a serious problem.

Their support has been quite good in my experience.

Are you running public beta 4? Note Public Beta 3 has expired, and will not run. With or without a valid license code. You must be running Public Beta 4 now, and it will work with or without any license code.

Just replace your copy with the latest one from our web site (it should have advised you to do so also in that alert window, tell me if it didn’t).

OK, I think I’ve narrowed down the problem a bit more specifically: When I double-click the actual database icon (the one with the .tbBase2 suffix), I get the aforementioned error alert window. But when I open the application by double-clicking the application icon, the program opens without a problem.

And just to be clear: This problem is occurring with the latest beta 4 download–DEVONthink Pro Office 2.0 beta 4 (14.2 MB).

I had a similar problem when i had installed two versions the same time. The “icon” in my dock still pointed to the “old” expired version.
Make sure you have uninstalled/deleted all other old DT apps and cleared your trash.
It might also help, if you tell again your database files the application that should be used to open the files. Maybe its also still pointing to the old app.

Thanks, cla. You solved it! There was an older beta version of Devonthink hiding in one of my other app folders (I must have accidentally dragged it to the wrong place during one of my many installs). I deleted the older app, and now everything is working perfectly.