Public sharing links - how do you do it if at all?

Hi there

DevonThink is wonderful for my personal document collections and notes, but sharing them even within family (say, apartment renovation ideas) is difficult. Sure, I can send documents by email, but that is a static copy quickly becoming obsolete and then several updated versions start flying around…

Most of the time I either copy everything to a shared Google doc and continue there or don’t share anything at all…

  • How do you solve the problem?
  • Is there possibly some script/service that could publish document to web such that I could republish again and again to have updated version on the same link? Maybe with the comments even?

That would be best shared via normal Dropbox (or other suitable cloud service) operations, then indexing the local file into DEVONthink.

For any docs that need sharing, I use Google Docs. I have found it to be the simplest and most robust solution. The good news is that you can add a Google Doc to your DT database (via Add Bookmark), and edit it right in the view window.

If you don’t mind giving Google even more data than they’re already gathering about you :flushed:

(Only partially kidding there) :confused:

The good news is that you can add a Google Doc to your DT database (via Add Bookmark), and edit it right in the view window.

Interesting. There used to be some problems with this. Looks like it is accessible now.

Been doing this for the past 6 months at least, and have found it quite stable.

Hmm, that basically means I only use DevonThink as a browser for Google Docs then, don’t I?
Or is DevonThink able to at least index such a doc.

To be honest, I hoped that somebody will share at least a script that autoupdates Google Doc, Dropbox or whatever from within DevonThink, but maybe others just don’t have the need to share notes from devon via stable links.

Yes, it acts as a browser. But I find there is also great value in being able to store that shared doc in DevonThink alongside local docs from the same project, as well as take advantage of tagging, smart groups, etc.

As for coding something that shares docs, I’d have to imaging it is super-tricky thing to do. Which is why I rely on Google Docs, since their shared docs are relatively bullet-proof (e.g. multiple people can edit one doc simultaneously).

I’m sure DEVONtechnologies would be happy to sell you some more DT3 seats so you can share your database :slight_smile:

I only share with one person in my family so we both have DT and I put the stuff we need to share in one database and sync it between us. The stuff we share is not something I would put on Dropbox so we share it through an encrypted sync store on a WedDAV server.

I also would occasionally like to share something with other folks and in that case I have just put the file on Dropbox and shared through it similar to how you have used Google docs. That’s generally been a one time thing though not a file I continue to update. I personally will look into the suggestion from @BLUEFROG to index the dropbox files I’m sharing, personally I have never indexed, so something I will check out…