Publish from Devonthink to Tinderbox

Hello everyone,
I am looking to a strong integration between these two application.
I already own DT and I am planning to purchase Tinderbox.
I found this rather recent youtube video which shows how you can “publish” stuff from Tinderbox to Devonthink (the DT version was older than the 3 so I really hope this script still works : could anyone confirm this ?)

But my question was related to the Devonthink to Tinderbox path.
I am creating more and more notes in Devonthink and I wish to export them to Tinderbox to use the visual strenght of Tinderbox.
HOw can this be done ?
How many way exist?
I am taking markdown notes in devonthink with pictures as well and I am planning to capture Video content as well in devonthink and create notes with video attached. So after all this work one wants to be sure to be able to reuse content and not repeat the effort again elsewhere.
Thanks for your help!!!

It should but it’s hard to tell without knowing the script.

Apologies !

As the last posts in the thread are from last year it’s likely that it’s still compatible but I would suggest to try it using test documents first.

Many thanks. May I ask you what methods exist to do the same thing the other way round?
In how many ways can one export notes from devonthink to tinderbox?

I’m sorry but as I don’t use Tinderbox that’s a question for someone else. I can only quote the help:

I was not clear enough : if I write a markdown note in devonthink, linked to other 3 notes, which themselves link to some others, how all this will be exportable in tinderbox? Should I drag and drop ? Is there a command or a script (as it seems to exist in tinderbox to actually run the path the otherway round)? Apologies for being tedious and many thanks again for your precious support cgrunenberg!

It’s unfortunately still a question for someone else more familiar with Tinderbox.

You would be well advised to get to know the Tinderbox forums and seek help there. It is a very helpful community. Tinderbox is an unusual program that many people seem to find mysterious at first because it is so different from what they are used to. It probably works best with notes that are just text (the editor in Tinderbox is rtfd) and not too many images. Tinderbox is complex and you need to invest some time in it to learn how it works. My take on DT and Tinderbox is that DT is for storing material, and Tinderbox is for discovering patterns and connections. I would say that you definitely do not want to put everything you have in DT into Tinderbox. The latter would probably work best if you only put in items that are relevant to a particular subject or idea you are working on. But different people work different ways. I just find that Tinderbox gets confusing if I have too much material in a file.

In bocca al lupo!

Crepi il lupo!
Many thanks for your reply. And in particular the reference to the Forum which - frankly - I was not quick enough to see for myself this morning.
On Tinderbox: I met the founder of the company in 1992 in Milan during an ACM conference on hypertext. It was a conference which influenced me greatly. I just never stopped thinking of what I could with hypertexts if different, easier tools than hypercard were to be developed.
To conclude:I completely agree with you. Devonthink and Tinderbox are like yin and yang (seemingly opposite but actually complementary).

After several crash reports and some emails exchanged, Mark (the dev) actually urged me to avoid using markdown in Tinderbox.

I kept using markdown, only not in Tinderbox.

By the way, Tinderbox can watch DEVONthink groups and display their content in read-only mode.