Purchase Personal vs Pro Trial

I have been using Pro trial for a few days and now have decided to purchase “Personal”. Do I need to remove Pro and then install Personal or will just buying the appropriate license online take care of this change for me? :smiley:

Tom O.

If you have data in an existing DT Pro database, you should select all its content and choose File > Export > Files & Folders to export the content to a new Finder folder. (DT Personal cannot read a DT Pro database, so this will allow you to import that content into your DT Personal database.)

Yes, you will need to download and install DT Personal. We advise removing DT Pro from the Applications folder to avoid confusion by Services. (If the Sorter is running, click on it to open the Sorter panel. Near the bottom of the panel, click on the cogwheel symbol and choose ‘Quit’. Now the DT Pro application can be deleted.)

Unfortunately after removing Pro and installing Personal nothing right is happening. Can’t send anything into DT and there is no inbox:
Can’t get application id “com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2”

I’m using Macbook 2.4GHz w/4GB memory on OSX 10.6.2. DT Pro appeared to be working just fine in this same environment.