Purchase version asking to D/L new beta

We purchased a license for Office Pro and I registered the copy on a macbook pro laptop. Now –a few weeks later– it is saying the public beta has expired and won’t open the app. What gives?

Are you still using the public beta or the release version 2.0? If so, you want the release version 2.01.

Just download the final release now as it says in the expiration notice dialog window.

If the Sorter is still running, you will first need to Quit it. Click on the Sorter to open it, then click on the cogwheel symbol at the bottom and choose ‘Quit’.

Select the expired application in the Applications folder, delete it and empty the Trash. Restart the computer, in case there are ‘cobwebs’ in memory.

Download and install the current release of your application from the Download page. It should remember that you have previously registered it.