Purchased DTTG 3 on iPad - can I sync with my iPhone that uses a different AppleID?

Basically what the title says. I don’t particularly want to buy another copy just because I use a different AppleID on the two devices.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who does this - anyone got any advice for me?

Thanks, all!

EDIT: I don’t use iCloud at all. Not sure it matters, but I thought I’d share that in case it does matter. :slight_smile:

I think the simplest solution is to sync with something other than an Apple product which requires the same AppleID.

I don’t think I understand. All my devices are (fortunately) in the Apple ecosystem. I do not use iCloud, by the way.

Best to read how to sync in the DEVONthink documentation. Bonjour will surely work for you.

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Cool, thanks! I’m going to go read the docs! :slight_smile:

[I should know better, as a former dev. RTFM!]

You can, just set up a sync-store on some suitable place and you’re done.

I use two different AppleIDs (1 Mac on one and 1 Mac + iPhone + iPad on the other) and have the sync-store on a Synology.

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set up a sync-store on some suitable place

DEVONthink To Go can’t sync woth a local sync store.

@EmmaKay : A Bonjour sync on your local network is definitely a good choice in many instances. See this the Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync > Bonjour and this post for more info:

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Ooh, thank you! I’ll go check out that post and follow the instructions on there! I’m going to do some deep 'R’ing of TFM.

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You’re welcome.
Happy reading :smiley:

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