Purge Edited Documents on Ipad? (While Retaining Edits on Synced Device)

I currently open my DTTG files in adobe, make highlights using that app, and then I notice that the highlights are retained in the document in DTTG and also show up on my device running DT and on those files. I am excited about this feature and wish to keep using it. However, I noticed that each text that I’ve highlighted in DTTG eliminates my ability to “purge” the document after I’m done reading it/marking it up (it seems as if I can only purge unedited documents). Is there a way that I can purge the document after I’ve marked it up without losing the mark up if it is already synced with my main device? Currently I am unable to purge the edited documents at all. Thank you!

Manual purging should only be deactivated while there are unsynced changes. As soon as all sync stores received the updated file you should be able to purge the document again.

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