Putting DT3 manual into DT3 breaks links

I was using the latest version of Take Control of Devonthink and decided to move it into a folder in DT3, but discovered that now when I click on a link inside the book - say a page in the Table of Contents - it jumps me to the cover page. No matter where I am in the book, any link jumps me back to the cover page.

Moving it back to my desktop doesn’t help. The links seem to be broken once it gets inside DT3. Download a new copy and open it from my desktop, and the links are fine. Move it into DT3 and the links are broken.

Am I doing something wrong? Or should I just keep it outside of DT3?

Importing doesn’t modify files. In this case it’s probably just a glitch of the link handling which the next maintenance release should fix. Which version of DEVONthink/macOS do you use?

macOS 10.15.5
DT3 3.5