Putting links out to DT items into an MS-WORD doc

Hi all – Is there any way for me to put the “item link” url for a document that I’ve got in DT Pro Office into an MS-WORD document?
I have the outline for a book I’m writing in MS-WORD, and I’d like to link various outline headings in my outline to the relevant document in my DT database. (I’m the only user of the outline, so I don’t need the links to work on any computer except mine, where both MS-WORD and DT are installed.)
Hope I’ve been clear on what I’m trying to do! Basically, create a link from a phrase in a WORD doc out to an item in DT… I tried creating a hyperlink from the phrase in WORD out to the URL I got via the “copy item link” command in DT, but WORD gives the error message “cannot open the specified file”.


What version of Word are you using?

I am able to assign a hyperlink in Word 15.20 with a DEVONthink item link as the destination. The link opens the document in DEVONthink, as expected.

Older versions of Word were not accepting this type of link.

I’m using 14.6.1 for Mac.

So sounds like I have no options, then, to use links as I want to…

Could you use Pages or TextEdit – and other RTF editors that recognize DEVONthink URLs.

Thanks, Korm – I may just need to update my Word, from the sound of it. (Which I hate doing because there are always subtle problems using older documents … but my book editor would kill me, I think, if I moved to an entirely new platform…)



FWIW, Work in Office 365 has turned out to be pretty good, in my opinion. The earlier releases were buggy, but things have improved.