Q. from a french visitor about DEVONnote's AI in French

Are DEVONthink’s (and I suppose DEVONnote) AI technologies like auto-classify and “see also” available for :

french databases

mixed (french and english) databases ?

Merci d’avance

Oui, la DEVONtechnology est langue-indépentant.



Thanks for your answer

I can confirm from my own experience. My database has content German, English, French, Dutch, and Esperanto. No problem at all. I even have a one word in Inuktitut in one document, and I can find it back through the search engine without any problem.

The only difficulty I had was with Arabic. Entering Arabic text works fine, but searching for it is not so evident. I haven’t done any detailed tests, but I suspect that it’s due to the writing direction and/or inconsistent use of vowel signs.