QR Codes

I am not particularly technical minded and on reading an article recently by Jamie Todd Rubin, (jamierubin.net/2012/04/24/go … n-context/) I wondered if it would work for DEVONnote Pro Office? The particular buit I was interested n was this section:

"Here is how you can use QR codes to find your instruction manuals in context:

Using a QR code creation app (like this one, for instance), create a QR image for a Note Link in Evernote. I’ve found it easiest to do this when I am logged into Evernote via the web instead of any of the various thick clients or apps. You simply log into Evernote on the web, find the note you are looking for, copy the URL and paste it into the QR code generating app.
The app will produce a QR code image. I copy the image to the note it is associated with. If the QR image is associated with the instructions for my thermostat, then I copy the QR image to the same note that contains the instruction manual to my thermostat.
Print out the QR code and tape it to the object in question. For example, I taped a QR code image to the side of my thermostat. I taped another one to the inside of the door of our refrigerator. You get the idea.
Obtain an QR code-reader app for your mobile device. A QR code reader app allows you to use your mobile devices camera to scan a QR code and have it pull up the associated web page."

I can see the use of this, not longer will I have to search various places for user manuals and instructions, the QR code can be stuck on the appliance. There may be other uses—any ideas?

Opinions from the technical minds would be very much appreciated (a) on the feasability of using this with DTPO and (b) any other practical usages of QR codes.

I like having digital versions of my manuals, but I just skip the QR code part. I save PDFs of the manuals into DEVONthink and sync them to DEVONthink to Go, or just save the PDFs to a Dropbox location. I’ll also add a link to specific manuals in the OmniFocus note field for scheduled, recurring maintenance tasks. Once I played with creating a PDF that had text linked to the PDFs of manuals-sort of a TOC of all my manuals, but I found that more trouble than it was worth. Going full-blown and creating/printing QR codes would be way more effort than what I would want to invest in this, but it should work just fine.

Yes, that was my worry, except that my wife is even less technical minded than I and I can see the useof this as all she would have to do if I am not around is with on my laptop and scan the QR code; on the other hand she could swith on her own computer and access dropbox if I taught her how to use it! :slight_smile: Thanks for your input.