Quality of previews in Coverflow

I have noticed a strange change since 2.0, I guess:

The previews of RTFDs when shown in CoverFlow look worse. They were all crisp and clear before and now they seem to have a different icon and are smaller, which makes them look blurry.

Here’s a screenshot of a blurry preview, next to another sharp RTFD:

Full Frame: http://s3.amazonaws.com/ember/F3ShFjOyNKZFDCHoTGoPZvffahMx153B_m.png

And here is a file that was created before 2.0:

Full Frame: http://s3.amazonaws.com/ember/oOz738PZIKaVzRZjEylVXW1YWQ96A06C_m.png

Note that the icon looks different, but they are all RTFDs. I do not know what the difference between them is but would love to have the sharp previews back.

Does anyone have an idea what is going on and how one could get better quality previews again?


In case thumbnails are available, then DEVONthink uses them (to speed up CoverFlow and to make it work even if the files aren’t accessible). Therefore Data > Thumbnails > Remove should improve the results.

However, v2.0.2 will revise this.

Works perfectly again. Thanks for 2.0.2!