Query question


I’m still trying to get to grips woth DA but the queries leave me wondering.

Yes I have read the manual, but either my english is lacking or I’m missing something.

I have a query as follows

((Mac os) OR (Macos"-"X) OR (Debian)) software

In my mind this query should return hits along the following principles

any pages containing Mac os AND/OR Macos-X AND/OR Debian and all of the proceeding should have the word software.

The manual says that OR means …“one, the other or both words…”

Yet i do not get a hit on any page containg Debian software but not Mac os or Macos-x
I would have expected to get a hit on lets say
Debian – Software Packages in “stable”

or perhaps

Debian Software Installation and Configuration

Since I am not there must be something I am not understanding about queries, I’m guessing i am missing something about the scope of paranthesis perhaps.

The syntax of this query is not correct, please try something like…

(“Mac OS” or “MacOSX” or “MacOS” or Debian) software


((Mac OS) OR “MacOS-X” OR Debian) software