Query yields nothing

I have run queries lately on “Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson“ and also one on “Jesse Lee Peterson” with both Fast Internet Scan and Deep Internet scan and a Medium Internet Scan of my own devising. I have gotten no hits on any of these, but if I just Google either of those I get many pages of hits. Any ideas as to why this would be? This is only one example of several I have tried lately where I have gotten no response. On other queries I have gotten hits.


I’ve just tried “Jesse Lee Peterson” (with or without quotes) and the Internet (Fast Scan) returned around 60 results out of 80 pages.

But after looking more closely on your posting, I guess the problem might be the “curly” (not straight) double quotes you’re using. The current public beta of DA doesn’t like this but the final release will treat them just like straight quotes.

I’ve had that problem before with another program. It’s my generic setting for Spell Catcher to use “smart quotes”, but I can set it differently for individual programs, which I have now done for DA, so I will give it a try.