Question about aliases and Obsidian

Just fishing around to see if anyone has found a way to deal with the distinct ways Obsidian and Devonthink deal with aliases. Obsidian allows the use of the pipe in their wiki link. So a link to “LINK” with its alias “A GOOD LINK” would be presented like this [[LINK|A GOOD LINK]]. As I have Devonthink indexing my Obsidian vault, I would love for that [[LINK|A GOOD LINK]] to act appropriately. Has anyone come up with solutions? Thanks!

No, that’s not supported and also a non-standard method devised by Obsidian for use in their app.

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Ok, thanks. Worth asking :man_shrugging:

Indeed. It’s a definite No if you don’t ask.
Development will surely see the suggestion too.

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