Question about Annotations

When I create a new annotation document using the Data->New From Template->Annotation function, it puts the annotation into the “Annotations” folder.

Is there a functional need for me to leave the annotations there, or can I safely move them to a folder that is more logical for me (i.e. into the same folder containing the document that I’ve annotated)?

Also, can I change the name of the Annotation document without consequences?


You can both move and rename them.

Great… Thanks.

First, I’d like again to say how great I think the annotation feature is. Brilliant, clean, and obvious.

Sorry if I’m misremembering things, but didn’t there used to be an annotation icon somewhere in one of the list views that indicated which files had been annotated? I’ve added a couple of annotations to my documents but I can’t tell, at a glance, which ones. Come to think of it, I no longer see the icons on which are replicants, either: only what’s tagged. Did I bust something, or is this the new way of DT?


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There’s an icon for items with a comment. The Annotation template adds an eventually existing URL to the comment and then there should be indeed such an icon, otherwise (without a URL) not.

I could not find any changed icon.
DT withoutannotation.png

That’s right, because the annotated document didn’t have a URL initially.

Ah, I see, I didn’t read carefully enough, sorry. But: Is there any logic behind?

I’m trying to use a DTP database for family research. I will have tons of documents imported without any URL. But I would like to make annotations and see at a glance which documents are annotated or not.

Besides: even when documents got an URL, the behaviour when annotated is not very intuitive: yes, there will be an additional icon, but it’s not clickable and doesn’t bring the annotation as pop up window. I have to go to the Annotations folder and choose the right one. The (so called previous) URL will be copied to the comment’s section, but doesn’t change to the annotation’s URL in the URL field.

I’m sure I’m missing again something obvious. But what?

I have a label defined as “Annotation Exists” and use that on all annotated documents. A tag could do that just as well.

I’m with Ursula, also working with a bunch of documents without URLs, and would love to be able to:

  1. visually see that something has an annotation
  2. click through to that annotation

If this would be a giant coding nightmare, I can find some workarounds. But if it’s something not too difficult to do, I think it would hugely improve the workflow.


I’d like to add another “me to” to the wish for having a visual indicator that an annotation exists as well as a quick way of clicking through to that annotation.

Did you notice that the annotation smart template already creates a link (x-devonthink-item://…) that links from the annotated document to the annotation document (and vice-versa for the annotation to the annotated document)? The link appears directly above the quickview display of the document. Click it. It’s quick.

Hadn’t noticed that - thanks a lot.

+1 would be very useful for all summary listings to indicate (icon) which docs have annotations

The auto-link does not seem to work for more than one annotation of the same document.

Please consider (don’t know about feasibility) allowing notes and other documents to be directly “contained” (visually as nested children in various list views) in other documents. It is very natural, and some other tools (e.g. Scrivener) allow this.

I’m so torn between the power in a tool like DT, and the difficulty of using its interface. I’m going to stick with it, but … I am convinced DT would get tons more users if it could figure out smoother and more intuitive UI.

I hadn’t noticed that either: thanks, Korm.

I’d still prefer some icony sort of thing so I could see, at a glance, what I’ve annotated, but this is much better than nothing.

I also had not noticed this. Unfortunately, as far I can tell, if the original annotated document is already associated with a URL, there’s no link to the annotation. For instance, if I annotate a web archive, there’s no link to the new annotation document.

Tom S.

Just one more constructive comment. There is a rather clumsy work around to the problem of associating an item (URL field already occupied) with its annotation.

I have found that, though it isn’t automatic, it is possible to manually insert the hyperlink to the annotation into the spotlight comments of the original item. The spotlight comments can be added as a column to any view. Click on the URL in the comment and choose “Open URL” from the context menu to open the annotation.

I haven’t the time right now to try it myself but my assumption is that a script could easily be written to insert the URL into the comments automatically.

Tom S.

+1 for this suggestion. This would be a great way of enabling DT users to both quickly identify which documents were annotated, and to quickly browse through the annotations to see if they’re relevant in a far more useful fashion than the current “Annotations” Group, which lacks context as it’s outside the other Groups.

Count me in on that request as well. Annotations are great and would be even more intuitive with a visual clue in the annotated doc – best one that takes you through to the annotation on a click!

I also agree – that would make things so much easier.