Question about deleting replicant instances

I am confused about replicates. The manual for DEVONthink states:

Move to Trash/Move All Instances to Trash: Moves the selected items to the trash. If
you have selected a replicated item, hold the ⌥ Option key and choose Move All Replicants to Trash to move the selected item and all its replicants to the database’s trash.

I have a folder where I store some replicants. When I right-click in the list view of DT on one of those replicants and then select “Move to trash” (not “Move all instances to trash”) I would expect (according to the documentation) that only this replicate instance is deleted but instead all instances of the document (which means: the document itself) are sent to trash. How can I delete just one replicate instance of a document but not the document itself?

Items and replicants are the same, there’s no original. Is the item’s title in the trash struck through? But as usual the easiest way to be sure is to try this on your own using some test replicants.

After I use “move to trash” the item in the trash is not struck through. If I use “move to trash” on the not struck though-item in Trash again the item gets struck through.

But what is the difference between “move to trash” and “move all replicants to trash”? Both commands deliver the same result, which for me is very confusing.

After I use “move to trash” the item in the trash is not struck through

That’s because there are other instances of the items in the database.

no, the instance in Trash is the only instance left in the database. I have double-checked that.

If the name isn’t struck through, there is another instance somewhere.
Do a toolbar search for item:replicated on the database.

PS: If you delete instances of a replicant, they will not stack up in the database’s Trash. When the last one is deleted, the name will be struck through indicating there are no more instances in the database. And yes, I just confirmed the behavior is correct in 3.9.3 here.

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You are right: I tested a few cases and struck through means: no other replicate in database. But it looks like in some cases using “move to trash” on 1 replicate sends all instances to trash and strikes it through. Does not happen all the time, but I will try to reproduce it and will post a bug report then. In the meantime: thanks for checking!

Did you you move search or smart group results to the trash?

simply picking an item listed in a group. No search or smart group active.

Are you able to reproduce this? Then screenshots before/after trashing or a screen recording would be great.

Have not forgotten to answer your question, but I’ve been fighting for the last days with my iMac after the Sonoma update (HUGE problems with iCloud and TimeMachine). Will get back later to you.

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