Question about edit capabilities


I will change from PC to Mac very soon and used PaperPort on my PC. Now it seems that DevonThink is a very good alternative on the Mac. But I have a few questions about the editing capabilities, cause I need those for my work as musician, scanning lots of sheet music.
What I need very often is to “re-group” sheet music. Cut something from one page, paste it to another page, crop pages and rotate them if they are not scanned exactly. Is that possible with DT?

Best wishes, Christoph

Yes, this is very possible with DT. However, DT would be overkill is this is all you need. The basic Preview app built into Mac OS X would do this for you.

Thank you for your answer.
Of course I also need the program as a “librarian” for the tons of sheet music I archieve on my computer. PaperPort did a good job for me on the PC, and I have the impression that DT can do the same on my new Mac.
I think I will try the demo version as soon as I got my Mac.

Regards, Christoph

Hi again,

now, since I have a scanner that works with MacOSX, I tried DevonThink. But I don’t find the pdf editing capabilities I asked for. When I open a pdf file that I scanned, I don’t fond a way to cut a rectangular area and paste it to another place on the page. Am I right thinking that is not possible? Also, it would be great to be able to rotate the pdf if it’s not scanned 100 %. PaperPort has a very sophisticated function where you draw a line and the programm rotates the page so the line is xactly vertically.
Are those functions possibe or even planned?

Regards, Christoph

Ahh, now I see your question. It’s worded slightly differently this time & reads like a different request. Your initial query asked for what seemed like cut/copy/paste of whole pages from one part of a document to another. Your most recent post seems to ask for cut/copy/paste of part of a page. The former is possible. The latter is not.

Likewise, your first question asked about rotation of pages if scanned incorrectly. The answer is yes, it can be done. What wasn’t clarifies is that this is done in 90° rotations. Your most recent query clarifies this into amounts less than 90°, which isn’t possible with Devonthink or Preview.

There is no single Mac app that does what Nuance PaperPort does, and DT does not have the editing capabilities you asked about. Many DT users have very massive PDF collections, such as yours, and use external apps such as Adobe, Preview, Skim, PDFClerk, and others to edit PDFs. The capabilities and prices of each of these apps varies. You might want to download trial versions and check them out. If you decide to use an external app, it is easy to have DT open a PDF in the external app for editing. BUT it will not be the same user experience you had with PaperPort.

Thank you very much for your answers. I will try the programs you suggested, and maybe a combination of one of those with DT could be a solution for me.